Thank You For Standing Up For Remote Communities

Thank you for agreeing to phone WA Premier Colin Barnett, urging him to continue funding remote Aboriginal communities. You can phone his office on 08 6552 5000.

You may wish to use some of the talking points below, and it would be great to hear how your phone call went through the feedback form on the right.


  • Under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have the right to live in their own communities without experiencing discrimination, and have the right to receive Government support in order to do so
  • Reports such as Amnesty International Australia’s “The Land Holds Us” demonstrate that¬†Aboriginal people experience superior outcomes when they have the opportunity to live on homelands
  • Aboriginal Australians continue the oldest living culture in the world, and forced assimilation through the cutting of services and relocation would be destructive to this culture
  • The consultation process has been minimal, with the Regional Services Reform Unit visiting up to five communities in one day. This is not enough time for genuine dialogue
  • The Government has a history of relocating and causing trauma to Aboriginal people. The homelands movement in WA in the 1970s demonstrates that people need to live¬†where they are most connected

How did your phone call go?